Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Morgan's Drawing Updates

Here are some continuations of ideas from my last blog post and some new ideas for pieces.
My third piece idea comes from the abstraction I had in the previous post about losing time. In this sketch, a defined hand reaches out to grab an old pocketwatch while some more shadowy and undefined hands grab around it. I'm thinking that I could either keep the back hands blurred and the front hand not, or I could make all the hands really gnarled and old and a bit grotesque, because if I'm going to use hands in a piece I want that piece to stand out: my high school art teacher often said hands are overused and cliche in art. This piece is a representation of all the time that I know a lot of people and even me feel like they are losing. A lot of my senior friends talk about how they feel that their time was stolen from them because of COVID-19. I think the idea of lost time could apply to many groups of people here.

My next piece idea is not really representative as much as it is an observational piece. In this sketch, we see the abandoned streets of Italy. The sky is dark and cloudy and the perspective is a bit harsher with the buildings sharply going into the edges of the page. I am thinking of making it more illustrative and adding some animals into the street, but I haven't yet decided. I don't generally do landscapes because I think that replication of photos can get boring, but this is major history happening in front of us and I would like to draw it. 

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  1. Thanks Morgan! Lost time is becoming a common theme for many of you - especially for those that are graduating. Spring semester is such an important part of the college experience.

    Lets see if we can figure out why your images aren't coming through.