Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Annie Kornack - 4/8 Updates

I was hoping on having at least one drawing done by now, but this past week I haven't been in the mindset to dive as deeply into my thoughts and feelings on coronavirus. However, I have started on three ideas that I'm excited to continue working on this week. 

The first relates to the last drawing I discussed in my previous post: working on how to use patterns to show how certain events have caused blips in the once comforting mundaneness of quarantine. So far I created a colorful background using a palette, which I hoped to next draw a pattern on. The left is my sketch from last week and the right is where I have gotten so far. 

Secondly, I wanted to work on a sketch of students graduating next to the Duke Chapel. So far I have sketched the students in a stylized manner. Next I hope to finish drawing the students and Chapel and then overlay the drawing with paint to make the scene seem like a dream.
Lastly, I have been reading a lot and stumbled upon my favorite book from high school: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. There's one poem from the book that has always been my favorite and I realized how applicable it could be to right now -- living in a tense/sad time and telling ourselves lies/dreaming in hopes of creating a personal "paradise." I printed out the poem using a label maker and I'm thinking about drawing a deserted cityscape behind the poem and then overlaying it with transparent paint to make the image hazy.

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  1. Thanks Annie! I like the Cat's Cradle poem and how you're using the label maker to create the text. Original thinking!