Wednesday, April 8, 2020

April 8th update

I am still trying to explore new possibilities for my final drawings. Recently when I ended my quarantine days and went home, I heard of lots of touching stories brought by the virus. The first is the amazement about the adaptability of nature. Pictures of seals roaming in Singapore, swans and dolphins in Venice, wild animals invading empty streets caught my attention. Even though some photos were then testified as fake, they brought up a reflective point of view on how human is changing the world.
Another shocking news I saw these days is about the condition in Chinese college dorms. Like us, most students left their belongings in their rooms before they are allowed to return to campus. Three months passed and when some RAs went back, they found molds and bugs taken place. Some rats even made home in quilts. Yes, this another picture of nature returned.
Recently a game called Animal Crossing went wild. When people could no longer visit their friends, they could do so in this game and enjoy every piece of its serenity. One feature of its mechanism is a variety of emotion and postures. I built a scenario of some who mock at real-world situation but set self apart and indulge in illusionary pleasure.

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  1. Hillman,
    Hillman, thanks for your notes. Yes, its fascinating how other nature returns when human nature is away. Curious to see if you develop that idea.