Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Kevin Boyd - 4/15 Update

After some thought and quick sketches, I realized that having multiple pieces themed around different specific aspects of this pandemic was a little cliche and expected. Personally, I have been in my house for a month and a half now and the biggest emotions I feel are loneliness and isolation. On my previous update, I explained that my second piece would be themed around isolation, but I have now decided to base all 5 pieces on this concept. I don't have images to upload yet, but the 5 pieces are all B&W figures in dynamic poses to exemplify the idea of loneliness. I feel that this will create a more cohesive series and create an oxymoron in that each piece may represent solitude but the pieces together show a group struggle.

Overall, I spent a lot of the semester trying different methods or drawing whether it be photorealism, pen & ink, colored pencil, surrealism, etc. but after all of the experimentation, I have really solidified my preferred medium. Although seemingly basic, I have found that dynamic, strong, photorealistic graphite drawings are my strong suit. I particularly enjoy drawing the human form and trying to create a smooth muscle tone with only pencil shading. This may be traditional, but the way I began drawing was with graphite portraits so it is fitting that I have come full circle in my preferred subjects and medium.

Thank you to everyone's critiques and support throughout the semester. I hope everyone is safe and tries to remain as sane as possible through these crazy times.

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  1. Thanks Kevin. Its interesting how as time passes ones ideas/thoughts/feelings evolve. These are things I was hoping would happen with this assignment, especially as we're all in uncharted waters. Look forward to seeing your finished drawings!