Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Lauren - Preliminary Sketches and Ideas

1 April 2020

For this project, I'm aiming to incorporate some of my previous ideas from the course into my Covid-19 themed work. Attached is a photo of my planning sheet/ some thumbnail sketches that I've done.

I really want to feature figures and feelings of distress. But, the main focus of my pieces will be the distinction between black and white and color. I plan to have a lot of contrast between outside and inside, with outside being in color and inside being in black and white. This is to show the effects of quarantine/social distancing, and to represent the way the world has changed environmentally due to society's slowing down (i.e. clearer skies and water).

I plan to use graphite pencil for the black/white portions, and want to incorporate some elements of having the hands on the face to indicate pressure, or even just hands in general. I do this to hopefully represent the fact that we are constrained to our homes, and can not produce/create as we would in a world free of the pandemic.

For the backgrounds - I'd like to experiment with colored pencil and either foliage/nature, patterns, and even words related to the feelings that this pandemic invokes.

I hope that these drawings can be seen almost as a snapshot into peoples lives and feelings- and to further express how lonely and futile life has felt lately.

Hope everyone is healthy, safe, and keeping sane!

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  1. So interesting how your pre-COVID 19 drawings work in this COVID 19 time and how you can now expand the theme. so much about touch/inside/outside. Look forward to seeing how you continue to explore the subject.