Thursday, April 16, 2020

April 15 Update - Bree

I still haven't formalized my last drawing. I would like for it to be closely tied with financial pressure and the stipend check; most people I know spent the check on rent, utilities, and food for the month of April and are at a loss of what to do when next month rolls around. I have a couple of ideas for how to portray this; one with someone physically trying to stretch the piece of paper check while their responsibilities loom in the background.

As far as the rest goes, the plan is:

1. the one of my dad, which is a current WIP below

2. the couple from the rooftop in SF

3. my grandma peeking through her screen door

4. one about mental health in the current time, which I'm just now realizing I never really discussed on here. It's going to be a self-portrait of me sleeping during my zoom lectures with my video/audio off. I have switched to a sleep schedule of 7am-2pm and often throw on my mandatory lectures in the background and rest during them.

5. the idea above