Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Lauren - 4/15

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well.

I've finished one drawing (the one I showed last week) and have done the contour drawings for the next two. I'm struggling a bit to find motivation. I had to wait for some more graphite pencils to arrive after I finished the first drawing, and I've kind have lost my drive, if that makes sense.

I'm working on getting it back, though! I've been trying to dedicate time in the mornings and at night just for drawing, no distractions, so I'm sure that will help.

I'm thinking of using prisma color markers for the background, and maybe sticking to words that relate to the epidemic. If anyone has any suggestions for words that have meaning to them during this time please let me know!

Update: found some late night motivation (currently 2am - drank way too much coffee today) and I've done another drawing. Last picture.

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  1. These are looking good Lauren! Glad you found some motivation - yes coffee helps! I like the way you focus on the head and hands and leave the other parts unfinished - its concentrating our attention on the expressions. Keep going with that approach!