Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Joyce Zhou 4/15/2020

For this week I was able to finish a couple of the drawings, and I'm working on the last two. The three finished pieces are below:

This image is my extreme interpretation on how coughing spreads the coronavirus. I wanted to display the disease as a sort of eldritch horror, but I wish I had picked something more virus-like than eyes. I just wanted to play up the deadliness of the disease, and how I feel when I see people coughing at this point when I'm in the outside world.

This image was inspired when I went to go shopping for my family and was surrounded by potentially a whole lot of disease. My county now has around 3,500 cases, but the population isn't all that high to begin with. I think New Haven is reaching the peak for this disease, so going outside, even with a mask on, seems like a pretty big risk. Hence the floating skeletons (coronavirus), but I feel as though I made their hair too pretty.

For this image I just really wanted to let all of my complaints out. I tried to create a graffiti wall, and all the words on there are things that I've thought about during quarantine. I have stats on how many people are infected right now, complaints about my 2020 graduation, the toilet paper shortage, etc. To make sure that the theme of otherworldly horror remained in my drawings, the person in my picture might literally be walking to her death. 
This last piece is just how I feel in quarantine. I also have piles and piles of work to compete, so I'm feeling a little more down than usual. I'm trying to display a general feeling of isolation and being trapped by trying to make the ceiling really low and the windows boarded up. 

I have an idea of the last drawing which is a elderly man inside while the reaper stands right outside his window. This was inspired by the worry I feel for my parents, for my grandparents, who are at such a huge risk whenever they go outside. 

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  1. These are excellent Joyce! Can't wait to see them in person! The one of the women coughing is very captivating.