Wednesday, April 15, 2020

4/15 update - Rebecca


These first two pieces are a set and are my take of being Asian during this pandemic. I drew them to mirror each other on purpose. I wanted it so that the two pieces faced each other and showed both the side where I wanted to cover myself up (first picture) and the Asian American side that wanted to be free and not fear to be judged by others. I tried drawing the hands so that they looked as if they were touching the mirror, but also to give off the feeling of “stay away”. The eyes in the first drawing are there to represent judging stares, while the flowers in the second drawing are simply there to help express her Asian-ness (if that makes sense).

In the third drawing, I wanted to draw a representation of what many people feel now – drowning in fake news and all the chaos ensuing. I’ve even written phrases some people have said in response to this pandemic that’s quite underwhelming.

 With this fourth drawing, I took a more abstract approach. It might be hard to see, but this is actually a graduation tassel. I wanted to do it with charcoal to convey “lost memories”. I’m a senior and I’m missing graduation this year (understandably). It’s still a bit sad knowing that I’ll be missing some great memories with many of my friends that I’ve made here. I guess I just wanted to pay homage to that feeling.

I haven’t quite finished the last of the five pieces (and I also wanted to do another smaller piece). However, all I really have to do left is to color in the sky similar to how I explained it in my previous blog post. I plan to finish this pretty soon. But again, this piece is depicting how the world continues, while I sit in bed losing track of time. These days, it’s hard to tell what day it is, but in a blink of an eye, it’s now the end of the semester. (If possible, I’ll try to edit this blog post when I finish the piece).

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  1. Thanks Rebecca, These look terrific and I'm eager to see the finished pieces!