Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Annie Kornack - 4/15 Updates

This week I was able to crack down and *complete* four out of my five drawings ("*complete*" because I will mostly likely continue to tweak and polish them up). Each drawing is different -- as seen below I used the same materials (paint, translucent base, and black pens/markers) but I wanted each to stand alone. I've felt throughout this quarantine that my mood changes daily, hourly, and even by the minute - so through each piece I've tried to showcase those differing emotions by giving them each their own unique twist.

Here are the four I have completed thus far:
The first showcases the thought I blogged about earlier -- how quarantine in the beginning was monotonous yet comforting but through tragic events and continued news updates everything seemed to get out of control -- hence the loops getting darker and more hectic.
The second, is a scene of Duke graduates by the chapel; however, I chose to overlay this normally celebratory event with paint that gave it a rough and wispy effect. The Chapel was faded out by white paint -- making it a distant memory for so many seniors who had to leave Duke before saying goodbye. The graduation caps in the air are also overlaid with paint, creating a rain effect and making the air somber.
The third, I chose to draw the "White House Coronavirus Task  Force" surrounded by text updates in the number of US coronavirus cases. I chose to use dark blue paint and a knife to scratch out the exponentially increasing case numbers surrounding this "task force" - a comment on how certain members of this task force are responding to the crisis.
Lastly, I chose to draw empty NYC streets and overlay it with the Cat's Cradle poem I discussed last week. I chose to use black labels instead of white because I liked this bold contrast with the pastel background.

For my last drawing I am going to draw closed stores I passed while on a recent outing through Hyde Park with my dad and then use paint to highlight the emptiness of these shops. 

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  1. Thanks Annie! Looking forward to seeing the finished set of drawings.