Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Gloria Kim - April 15th Update

So, I actually had a tornado come through at 7 am on Monday morning. Our property and my family are completely safe, but we were out of power the entire day so I lost a day I meant to spend on these pieces. With my other classes finishing up, I'm able to focus more on these pieces and should be able to finish without feeling rushed.

This is terrible, but right as I'm typing my update, I feel the impulse to scrap my current progress and redo in a different style and medium. My final pieces so far are done in my classic mediums of charcoal, but something keeps nagging me to redo in ink and marker...I have enough paper to do it, so I may redo this piece and compare to see which I like better and proceed from there. I feel like I have to try this out or I will regret it.

I'm sure many of y'all can relate, but I really hate showing my drawings until the very final result. I think when I am finished, I will update this blog post, but the other two are in the "ugly phase" of drawing and they are hideous at the moment. There is one that is essentially done with an hour or two of refining that I would like to show,

This one is last week's "paranoia," or I might just rename to "don't touch your face!" There are some anatomical issues I want to work out, and I'm trying to figure out how to make the neon handprint pop out. I thought colored pencil will work, but I think it's not effective with this tone of paper. I'm possibly looking into using actual paint instead, but this is also why I wanted to switch to ink and marker since the marker can pop.

This project has taken a lot of roadblocks and direction changes, but I want this to be something I'm proud of and happy with, so I'll do what it takes to get that result.

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  1. Thanks Gloria. Wow, glad you're safe and that the tornado missed your house. Scary! Thanks for the update and I look forward to seeing the series!