Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Mo- Update 4/15

I've decided to focus on one piece this week in order to get a sense of the unifying themes I want to are across my five drawings. After some though over my sketches the past few weeks, I want to continue focusing on touch and messaging in my drawings. As of now, I decided to name the set "PSA" (public service announcement) to represent all the health and safety announcement's we've received throughout the pandemic this past month. Each drawing will link a PSA to actions we would have normally taken before COVID-19 to show how it has changed our behaviors. 

I think the sketch above is a "trial piece", but I'm not entirely sure and need an opinion on filling the space above. Should I just upscale the sketch, fill in the space with a charcoal gradient, or add something else above? I've also added a cropped picture before that focuses more on the drawing. Otherwise, I like the sketch, because it focuses on touch and faces while subtly dropping a message we have received about avoiding contact with ourselves. I also added the charcoal gradient, because I feel like this has been a time of "darkness" and confusion in a sense (especially with mixed messaging), but we are bound to emerge into the light as we receive more clarity and go through this experience. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mo,
    I'd continue with the charcoal above. The darkness will help amplify the weight of the current situation. Look forward to seeing the whole set!