Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mo- 4/8 Updates

For this week's updates, I wanted to focus a bit more on messaging in thoughts. In particular, I was thinking about my personal various topics that are being discussed throughout this pandemic and the how that has influenced my thoughts and actions. 

In this drawing above, I was thinking about the terms I've frequently searched throughout the past few weeks. COVID-19 has dominated the news and social media, so I find myself frequently searching various topics to keep myself informed. For instance,  I've searched there term "nytimes coronavirus map" everyday and tracked changes throughout the states and different countries. It's become a habit and I find this type of searching comforting in this current state of uncertainty. 

One of the biggest pieces of news that has been on my mind the past few days is the CDC's messaging about how talking and breathing also spread the virus. This comes along with the recommendation that people should now wear when going outside, but all I could think about when I first saw this news was a literal lost of speech and breathe. How will this limit our voluntary interactions and basic functions with our mouthes? Or will a face mask become the solution to this issue? I also drew two version to see if the my message conveys more in the whole face or part of the face. 

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  1. Thanks Mo! I really like how you're using image and text. Keep it up!