Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Annie Kornack - April 1 Updates

For our next project I've been doodling ideas on how I best want to document the crisis in my series of five drawings; however, it has been difficult with recent events, such as the passing of two Duke students, to work through how I can adequately document my feelings and emotions. Below are the ideas I've thought up so far, but I am going to continue reflecting on which images I will focus on for my final series.

I started these few drawings last week to try to brainstorm what I would like to create. I looked at the media and kept being bombarded by a few repeating themes and images: three of which being grocery stores, the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and PPE. So, I decided to sketch out these images which I might utilize in my final five drawings. I thought it would be a little ironic or satirical to draw a bunch of grocery charts "social distancing" or forming mini huddles -- reflecting how families or friend groups have started to cluster and distance. I took a similar satirical approach with the concept of Purell being on a "Wanted" poster -- since the hand sanitizer is in great demand and I think this could be a fun poster to stylize. Lastly, I drew the White House Coronavirus Task Force made up of Trump, Pence, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, Surgeon General Jerome Adams, and a few others in the stylized way that I used in the beginning of this semester.

I also chose to draw a map of the United States with the "virus" over a portion of the United States, with the density of the diagonal lines within the map relating to the level of infection in each area. I thought this could be a good idea to explore later as it would be fun overlapping images on one another, utilizing paint or newspaper to create greater interest, and seeing how I could incorporate the market fluctuation text to balance out the page.

I had to draw the Duke Chapel with graduates throwing up their caps in celebration -- an event that is supposed to be momental and joyous, but is now seen as somber because it is cancelled for the Class of 2020. I thought here I could utilize translucent paint, as I did in my last drawing, to make this image foggy as if it's a memory or fantasy -- showcasing how this event is now "lost."

I had completed all of those drawings above before I heard the news of Grey and Raj's passings. Before I heard that news, my days were filled with a monotonous dullness that was on loop everyday, making all days in quarantine feel the same. However, those events caused blips in that boring yet comforting repetition of quarantine. After hearing that news everything seemed confusing, uncertain and very sad. In my final drawings I want to work through this idea of capturing the emotions I've experienced - for now I did this one simple drawing to try to capture those emotions:

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  1. Thanks Annie.
    So much going on (much of it sad and difficult) and I know its hard to settle on something(s). Your searching process is a good one and I look forward to seeing what you end up drawing.