Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Thoughts On Drawing

Because I have always loved art and the never-ending possibility and open expression it fosters, I am forever exploring new mediums and hunting for interesting ideas to enhance my current set of creative skills. This quest for new channels to provide new materials for innovation has introduced me to some of my favorite mediums, such as acrylics, ceramics, glassblowing, photography, and digital media, influencing my critical thinking in terms of design and aesthetic in fundamental ways. Although I enjoy art in its many forms, I cannot forget my humble beginnings in pencil drawing. I have always put much value in sketching out ideas before putting designs straight into digital software such as Photoshop. Because of its familiarity and my comfort level with the pencil, drawing is very special to me. Returning to the fundamentals of drawing in class this semester has not only been a rewarding experience for me, but has also served as a reminder to incorporate sketching into my daily life.

One of the technical skills I have taken from this class is how to work with charcoal, which I was not previously familiar with. Forcing myself to use charcoal and leave my comfort zone (pencil work) proved to be most worthwhile. While I have much to go in terms of mastery of the medium, over the course of the semester I found working with charcoal more natural (and less frustrating, as it certainly was at first) as I refined my skills by practicing in my sketchbook in addition to my assignments. I especially enjoyed composing the final few creative pieces, which got me thinking critically about space and composition, and looking at my surroundings in a different way.
I loved making art a more regular part of my life; drawing for this class has been relaxing, enjoyable, meditative, and therapeutic. It has helped me get in touch with my creative roots, which seem to be increasingly pushed aside as I get busier and busier. This is an important realization that has helped put my priorities into perspective—to keep my passions first and foremost. Drawing has gotten me to rethink how I want to incorporate art into my life in the future. I’ve realized that I constantly crave the stimulation that comes with creating something new and innovative, and that I thrive most in creative environments—and while my ideas about the future are hazy to say the least, because of this epiphany, I know that I will be drawing and creating for the rest of my life. 

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