Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kenzie Brown's Thoughts on Drawing

Drawing is something that has always been in my life.  Whether it was coloring with my 94 pack of Crayola crayons, doodling in my history class, or drawing for an assignment, drawing has always managed to be a part of my life. Drawing is my calming force, my comfort, and I was beginning to lose that when I came to Duke. To many people art is seen as a frivolous activity, one that an engineering freshman has no time for, or so I was starting to believe.  How could I sit down and draw for an hour or two, when I had two midterms the next week? I was losing a part of me I didn’t realize I needed. Taking Drawing 100 in the spring reminded me of everything I love about drawing. Drawing allows me to escape from the numbers, theories, and equations being taught to me in every other class. I love to watch as the paper comes to life. It is an amazing feeling knowing you are the reason that blank sheet of paper has depth and realness to it. Every stroke of the pencil or charcoal creates whatever you want and the eraser doesn’t mock you mistakes, it helps to develop the piece.  It is a skill many wish to have and a skill that is very easy to loss without proper feeding. This class made me realize that without drawing a huge piece of me is missing; I will never let it fade again. 
 Thank you Professor Fick!

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