Thursday, April 26, 2012

April's drawing experience

I've been drawing since I was a little kid and I've found it relaxing and rewarding. I used to think some people were just good at drawing while some weren't. There me a small amount of truth in that, but I'm realizing that time and effort really do contribute to one's skills in drawing. I wanted to learn how to draw realistically, since I usually draw cartoon-type images. It's been pretty gratifying, moving on from my Pictionary-esque doodles to more complex pieces, even when they didn't turn out as planned. I found shading to be the most fun part of drawing, although it sometimes became the most frustraing. Especially when drawing on a deadline, each little mistake feels like a crisis, and perfectionism has to go out the window at some point. Still, though, I'm glad I had a deadline to finsih the drawings or else I might have wanted to give up (as I write this, I'm picturing a large folder of unfinished drawings and paintings I have at my parent's house). Patience and perseverence seem to be key when producing pieces I'm proud of.
I was proud of my last few assignments. It has really been rewarding putting the effort into something I care about imroving like my drawing ability. I'm pretty sure that regardless of what classes I take or career I choose drawing is something I will be working on. That being said, I would love to learn more about drawing techniques and challenges. I never thought I would be able to sit outside and literally recreate the scene I'm looking at. I'm looking forward to drawing the landscape at home in Arizona.

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