Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drawing, Layering, Inserting, Composing

     Last semester I took the Practice Photography 116 with Antonio and I was blown away by the philosophy and peace I learned. He would say our eyes are the best camera there is. And I started to look at daily life differently, all these little moments that are beautiful and we can treasure them. It was a very different outlook on art, a sort of blending of living and art, than I was used to. So this semester I was thrilled to get back to art with my hands. The art I was used to in high school and in the pottery studio during my summers. At first I was taken aback from the straightforward nature of the class, simply sitting for hours on end in the studio drawing the same still life. But I soon realized how luck I am to get out of thinking and processing words in all my premed classes to the processing of objects. Just like in photography when I was looking and acknowledging beauty and trying to capture it, drawing is all about capturing the lines and shades and making something become tangible on paper. Its all very sentimental.
     My favorite part of the course was when we took the projects outside. Then I could start to see the lines and spaces and complicated nature of all the scenes. It was fun to try to insert new ideas into a setting, and imagine based on an already known background. It was comforting that I got to put my own style and interpretation of the scene onto the paper, and make what I envisioned in my head work together into the projects. Although, it did take a process to realize the time and effort necessary to fully develop a piece, all that effort paid off because I knew what I wanted my final pieces to look like.
     I think I have gained a lot of foundational knowledge and practice from this course. I can't wait to take another art class and use all the principles of creating a coherent composition into different mediums and new projects. With the dedication and step by step nature of the projects, I am no longer intimidated by trying to accomplish a full and diverse scene. Thanks Prof Fick for a great semester!

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