Sunday, April 22, 2012

Al Morris- Thoughts on Drawing

Thoughts on Drawing- Al Morris

            Art is great in many different ways, but one aspect that makes art so great is that 10 different people could have 10 different interpretations of what art is. I interpret art as a person looking within themselves and expressing their feelings and emotions on paper. A good example of this is Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh had a very unique style of painting. He painted very roughly, however despite its rough quality his paintings have much beauty to them. This holds true for many artists; the unique style of drawing or painting exhibits much hidden beauty.
           When people think about art they often think of a pencil, charcoal or a paintbrush, however some may argue that whatever you look at could be considered art. For example there is a famous piece of art done by Marcel Duchamp called “Fountain”, which is a urinal turned around and signed R.Mutt. This is a very interesting piece, but it presents the idea that everything we look at can be defined as art. A great artist, by the name of Jackson Pollock, would make his art by flicking paint onto a canvas in a unique fashion in order to make a design with the drops of paint from his paintbrush. Contrasting Jackson Pollocks art with art that depicts a social setting is hardly comparable, however, I believe that all art has some sort of meaning behind it. With this theory, one of Jackson Pollocks paintings could have deeper meaning to someone than the famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. In the end, all art depends on the viewer.
            I don’t have one particularly favorite form of art, however I am fascinated by cartoons and animation. The amount of work that goes into making an animated film is incredible. I know that today animation is digital, however it still takes a long time to make a digital film. I got a first hand experience of how much work goes into making an animated film through drawings in a class at Duke. Although our final project required hundreds of pictures to make a 1-minute film, the thrill of seeing the final product, and the fun I had going through the process of making it made all the work worth it. I also like the amount of creativity that comes with making a cartoon, or an animated film.
            As well as my fascination with cartoons, I also like drawing landscapes from observation, I think this form of art is interesting because it makes the artist concentrate on every detail, which is the complete opposite of a lot of art, where the artist can be as creative as they want. Similar to creating an animated film, this also gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I draw something that looks similar to the scene I am intending to draw.
            I have really enjoyed this semesters drawing class. It may be frustrating at times to get a drawing exactly the way you want it, however drawing is very peaceful for me and takes my mind off any stress that I might have. I also enjoy the satisfaction of viewing at a finished piece of artwork.   

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