Sunday, April 22, 2012

Charlotte Lawrence's thoughts on drawing

Drawing is something so natural and ancient it is no wonder that humans are still intrigued by the idea to this day. Over time, the much has changed about drawing, but one thing remains constant: why we, as humans, make art. From the earliest found cave drawings in the south of France, to the wide variety of styles found today, people have used drawing as a means to communicate their perception of the world around them.

                This to me is what is so amazing about drawing. It is the most natural way to express one’s self. It is simply a way to show the world how the artist views the world: what is important, what needs to be said. One of my favorite forms of drawing is sand art. A couple years ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a woman drawing in sand. It was amazing to see how her hand carved out shapes and they merged from one shape to another, telling a story.  Each story was more beautiful and stirring than the last. Here is a link to one of the most famous Sand Artist, Ilana Yahav’s YouTube Channel.
I love how Yahav is able to create pictures and stories with only her hands and sand. It just blows my mind. Yahav’s sand ar tis just one of the many new forms of drawing that has cropped up over the years. Another one of my favorites types of art to see is chalk art.

These drawing are spectacular when see from the correct angle they look as if the world is crumbling from beneath your feet. But from the wrong angle they look like a mess. To me what is so outstanding about these drawings is their realism. I have somewhat of a stylized drawing technique, but I wish to be able to draw with hyper realism, like these street artists. I greatly admire their technique and ability to create surreal works of art that look ever so real.
For me drawing is a way to express how I view the world, but also it is a way to challenge myself in a way that my studies do not. I study engineering and therefore I work on problem set after problem set and lab after lab. Sometimes it is very nice to stimulate myself with something so different, like art or writing. That is why I create art, to push myself while exploring new territories. 

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