Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Joey's Thoughts on Drawing

It still amazes me how we can start with a big blank sheet of paper and finish with an elaborate scene with shading, details and a narrative. That's one of the things I love about drawing: the power to create a scene of anything imaginable. Before this class, I had always loved drawing because I liked designing new things and creating inventions and scenes. Drawing was a way for me to express the ideas that popped up in my head. Now that I am studying to be an engineer, drawing is very relevant for me because I still like to come up with concepts and design solutions to problems. Drawing is a way to quickly show what you are thinking of and put concrete ideas down. When you put the pencil to the paper, there are no limits to what you can create.

During the first class, I wasn't sure what to expect because most of my drawing in the past was drawn based on imagination, and the class was to focus on drawing by observation. I quickly decided that this would be a cool challenge to learn about something I haven't explored very much. Progressing through the class, I indeed learned every day. I learned things like how to use values in my drawing and how to use the eraser to my advantage. I also learned how to compose a good scene and how to bring that scene to life with a narrative. I also learned a lot about drawing with charcoal, which is something I had never used before. I learned a lot about drawing with confidence-- just putting forth your best effort and improving along the way. I felt like I really grew in my drawing abilities.

Earlier this semester, my friend asked me to do draw a couple pieces of art for her upcoming senior thesis poetry exhibit. Before this class, I had never really drawn to present as a final result. I mostly drew little sketches and pictures for fun. It was my first real gig as an artist. I doubt I would have accepted if it weren't for me taking this class, precisely because I have learned so much. It was really exciting to directly put my my new skills to use for a good cause. I also realized that now I know about drawing from observation, I can combine that with drawing from my imagination to create almost anything!

 Being in drawing class was an awesome experience for me this semester. I walk away with a lot more confindence than I had before, and I definitely want to continue growing in the future. A friend told me that the world is a beautiful creation and art is our chance to play a part in adding to its beauty. Moving forward, I hope to reach into the depths of the imagination and add to this world by sharing with others-- all with a pencil and a piece of paper.

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