Monday, April 23, 2012

Bryana's Thoughts on Drawing

Growing in Charlotte, NC with both parents as computer programers, it would seem hard to imagine how drawing would fit into my life. Despite their seemingly analytical jobs, both of my parents were actually very artistic. My father especially loved calligraphy and sketching. As an engineer by trade, he was used to sketching for blueprints. What he loved the most though was cartooning. He would pack my lunches for me when I was kindergarten and include little drawings of my favorite cartoons. All my father ever wanted me to master was drawing. Every day after school, my parents insisted that I wrote a page in calligraphy and draw at least one picture. I kept a drawing notebook and my drawing skills did increase but never as good as my father.
I took art courses in middle school and early high school but lost interest once I came to college. When I told him about this course, he became super ecstatic that I would be able to work on my drawing skills. For the most part, he liked most of my drawings and saw an improvement in my art. I feel like this course gave me a venue to express my self artistically, something which I cannot do in my structures Neuroscience/ pre-med courses.

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