Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ayan's Thoughts on Drawing

Drawing was something that I did growing up as a fun way to express myself and my imagination. I really enjoy drawing and being creative with my thoughts, specifically with cartoon like things. Although this class was very limited in how much of our imagination that we could use, I learned a lot. This class taught me about different drawing techniques that I had never heard about or even tried. I specifically really enjoyed drawing the negative space around objects and shading it in. Shading was also something that I was not too familiar with. I learned about different methods of shading that added values and textures to drawings to make them pop out and look more realistic. However, I did reach a point where I hated shading with charcoal because it took up so much time and got really messy! 

My favorite drawings in this course were the ones that we did in class with still life objects. It became a bit difficult drawing the outdoors and being able to make sure that the buildings and other objects were detailed. I liked drawing the still lifes in the classroom because these were smaller objects that allowed me to focus on each dimension and get my shading right. I was also able to incorporate all of the small details of these objects when drawing them. 

Overall, this class gave me a lot of perspective on different ways of drawing that was very useful. Drawing is a way to transfer what you see in front of you into a beautiful piece of artwork. I hope to continue drawing in my spare time!

 Thanks Bill for a great semester! :) 

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