Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coming into this class, I wanted to learn how to draw as a means to convey a quick thought that is not easily conveyed through words. For example, in an engineering course, I may struggle to describe a mechanical system, but if I draw the system, my thoughts become clear to others. As I progressed through the class, I learned a significant amount about different drawing techniques, and during this process, I was thinking about ways to apply these techniques to my engineering discipline. For example, learning which details are necessary and which can be omitted  when completing a study drawing that accurately describes a scene is invaluable when attempting to convey a quick thought. Additionally, understanding how to quickly describe surfaces through the use of texture rather than precise lines can be used when distinguishing different objects in a quick drawing. These techniques plus numerous others such as shading, line variety, perspective, scaling, will all be extremely valuable as I use them in my work to convey ideas.

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