Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thoughts on Drawing

Over the years, drawing has been an outlet for me. Of course, basketball is my most visible outlet but, when the ball is down, I have always made time to draw. I use to watch my sister draw different things at a young age and it inspired me to expand what I did outside of school and basketball. One of my first drawings was of a cartoon character named SpongeBob; it wasn’t particularly challenging but I loved the show and therefore loved drawing the main character. I thought that I was a particularly good artist based on my early work with SpongeBob; however, my drawing skills were very raw and I didn’t start realizing the different benefits to drawing until I took my first college level drawing class.

When I started working on my first assignment in this class, I was amazed at how far ahead the students were with their drawing skills; knowing how thick or thin a line is suppose to be or creating the foreground or background of a picture. That moment inspired me to learn even more about drawing while trying to develop my technical skills. Most of my fellow students had the natural ability to make their drawings look very professional but I was still learning. Throughout the semester, I’ve learned different ways to form a great drawing by listening to my professor as well as watching my classmates. I’ve learned to be patient and let the drawing happen instead of force the issue. I’ll continue to build on these skills in the future in hopes that my hobby as a child might develop into a second career as an adult. I’m confident in my abilities and, like basketball, know that my skills can only be honed through focused practice and endless repetition plus constant creativity. I know that I’ve made vast improvement during the last four months and would be the artist that I am today without the help of my classmates and my professor.

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