Monday, April 25, 2016

Personal Reflection on Drawing

I had a good friend in high school that was incredible at drawing. I remember gawking at her art and being blown away when she would just lift a single shoulder and shrug. When I heard about this class, I thought this would finally be my opportunity to see if I could figure out the mystical secrets of drawing. After taking this class, I've learned to be patient when drawing and to not give up even if I'm not completely happy with the way my drawing is turning out. I never knew of the power of charcoal and now I wish I had used it more often in the class. At first I was very hesitant in using it because it does not erase as easily as pencil but now I'm in love!

This class was very enjoyable for me and I was able to discover my own drawing style in the process. I now know what types of things I need to work on in my sketches, like shading and texture. I enjoyed being able to draw whatever I wanted in my sketches and was able to learn about how real objects, close and far away, can look on flat surfaces. From proportions and pencil pressuring, I learned a lot about drawing and am very grateful for the newfound knowledge I've acquired. I feel more comfortable showing my work to other people and even can feel proud of the growth I've seen not only in my drawings but also in the way I view art now. This was a wonderful class and I hope to continue to draw with the same intensity this class has pushed me towards.

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