Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Steven Spazuk - Drawing With Fire

Drawing with fire, also called “Fumage", is an art technique that consists in bringing a lighted candle or kerosene lamp close to a piece of paper in order to create dark abstract shapes, then turning these shapes into drawings (mostly by scratching off the soot in certain places). Even though “Fumage” already existed during the surrealist era, drawing with fire was mainly explored and developed by the contemporary French-Canadian artist Steven Spazuk, who dedicated 14 years of his life to perfecting his skills. His works include both shockingly realistic and abstract portraits, as well as color images, wall-size fragmentation drawings and collages, all obtained by using fire. Please find below some of his major works – as well as a picture and a video of his creative process, and an interview he gave to the French series Expression of Montréal.


Some of Spazuk's Major Works:

Links (in case titled links do not work):

Interview with Expression: 
More about the Artist: 
More about the Artist's Creative Process: 

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