Friday, April 29, 2016


I think drawing is important. Let me preface this by saying that this isn’t some highly developed theory but it something I feel pretty strongly. I’ve thought about this for a while actually. 

My theory depends on the idea that there are essentially two types of people. Creative and non creative people. This is part of the theory that I don’t exactly cling to but it helps build my argument. 

I think that drawing is really where this separation happens. I think that everyone draws when they’re around the age of 4-6 and at some point that number goes from 100% to somewhere in the 15-30% (again, not based on facts, just opinions) and I think that 15-30% ends up being the creative people of the world. 

I think that being able to draw gives you the confidence to explore ideas that need to be visualized. In all creative fields, except maybe music, the ability to put an idea on paper gives you a leg up. 

For me, drawing has never been something that I’ve felt was my true calling. I’ve always like to do it but Ive found that videos and animation are what I really like to do. Animation relies very heavily on drawing so that connection is easy but it’s less easy when you think about film. Being able to draw a storyboard with detail gives you an advantage when it comes to filming. Also, being able to draw helps you to visualize a scene and how it will look more accurately because you have developed the skills to create an image in your mind. 

Drawing on it’s own has also become a larger part of my life recently. I’ve been trying to find a job and am currently talking with an organization that says they’re looking for a graphic designer but it sounds like they are just looking for an illustrator. So as I send my drawings and ideas to this person, Im realizing how important all that doodling instead of note taking has really been. 

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