Friday, April 15, 2016

I didn't have any experience with drawing before taking this class, except doodling in kindergarten. I wasn't even an art person before I started my career at Duke four years ago. Luckily, I took one photography class during my first semester at Duke and opened my eyes to the world of visual arts.

In the past four years, I took many visual arts classes--photography, art history and moving images--which more or less have some drawing components in them. And I spent my past three summers in the Middle East, Europe, New Zealand and Asia to explore many kinds of local art forms. I was truly inspired by these art forms and expressed my understanding of them mainly through photography. However, photography is more of a objective documentation of what I see. Rather, I want to make my expression more unique and to myself, so I taking this drawing class became a must for me. Luckily, I was finally able to make it my last semester here at Duke and put on the drawing racket I bought from a graduating senior at the end of my freshman year.

As I learn to draw from zero to finishing up my final project today, I had a lot of fun representing and expressing a single object through different ways. Though inaccurate and imperfect sometimes, I enjoyed the process of developing upon the imperfection and creating something new and unexpected. Then I began to "tag my name" on these drawings and form intimate relationships with them. When I was drawing sketches or even working on a large drawing t, I could have so many sparkling moments that I was able to inspire myself.

Also, I like to look at other people's works, both from this class and outside the class. I could learn so much from my peers' drawings, ranging from compositions, techniques to ideas. And I could then apply what I learned in the class to my visits to museums and galleries and be more inspired the masterpieces. I became more patient in front of the works that I didn't understand and began to apply what I learned in this class to better understand them.

Although I am graduating soon, I will definitely remember what I learned from this class and keep my efforts in the future. By the end, I want to share with you two guys I met in Paris last summer. I didn't know what they were exactly doing at that time, but I think I have an answer now.

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