Monday, April 25, 2016

Drawing is About the Details

One thing I have struggled with during this course is the most effective way to visually depict details of different subjects. Whether it's wanting to depict some small attribute of an object in the background but not having the tool to do it with enough fidelity (it seems my 2B's were never quite sharp enough), wanting to depict the intricate brickwork found throughout the Duke campus and Durham in the foreground of my picture without spending half a had recording all the detail, or trying to understand which details of a subject's face should be accentuated and which should be enhanced by either additive or subtractive methods it was a struggle at first.

But my sketchbook was the place I worked these issues out. It was a place to experiment, practice, and improve. As someone who has not tried to draw outside of doodling during meetings to kill time, drawing on the large 18 by 24 inch pads were somewhat intimidating. But practicing on the sketch pad gave me to confidence needed to create a number of drawings I'm proud of. It also gave me something I was looking for in the class; a chance to slow down, analyze, and deeply understand different objects I interact with everyday without usually paying much attention. This created a deeper connection to the everyday and renewed my ability to be present in the rest of my day. 

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