Monday, April 25, 2016


This class has been a wonderful experience for me to learn about drawing. Before taking the class, my only experience in drawing was some random doodling. I learned that serious drawing is very different. In particular, I realized that a huge part in an artist's toolbox is to be able to create various textures. For example, how to create the effect of bricks, and how to suggest that there is a forest. The other main take-away for me is the importance of shading. For example, in many drawings of a human's nose, there are no hard lines. It is shading that creates the effect that there is a structure coming out of the surface.

Due to limitations of my energy, I may never become a professional artist. However, spending a lot of time drawing myself enables me to better appreciate the sophistication and skillfulness of professional artists. I think it is more important to me than being better at drawing.

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