Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thoughts on Drawing-- Krysia Sikora

From a young age I had always loved drawing and expressing myself in creative ways.  In high school I took both ceramics and studio art where I first was introduced to specific artistic techniques.  And when I entered into college I had told myself that I wanted to continue learning and enhancing my artistic abilities, but both my studies and athletic career got in the way.  It wasn't until four years later, during my last semester of college that I finally fulfilled my promise to myself to take an art course at Duke.

Coming into this course I was extremely excited.  Art (especially drawing) had always been something that I loved, but it was that I was not able to partake in as much as I had liked in the past four years.  I came in with high expectations for myself, as in high school I remembered being a fairly good artist.  Yet if there is one thing that I learned from this course it is that (similar to soccer) it is practice and time that makes perfect.  And drawing is no exception to that rule.

I am going to be completely honest, but I was rudely awakened by (not my lack of skill) but my lack of practice in the arts.  I had come into the course expecting to pick up where I left off in high school, even though I had not persistently practiced drawing in four years.

Overall I think this course definitely opened my eyes to the different techniques that can be used to enhance my drawing.  I had never used charcoal before, and in various drawings I experimented with using it along side regular pencil.  Additionally in the past I primarily done line drawing so when we started implementing shading and value to drawing, it felt very new to me and is something that I didn't completely feel comfortable with.  In the future I hope to continue working with shading and value, because when I did successfully do it, I think it completely enhanced my work.

I look forward to continuing my artistic learning in the future!

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