Monday, April 17, 2017

Blog Assignment 2

This class has really tested what I can do and challenged me to try things I wasn’t originally comfortable with. Before this class I only really drew one of two things, faces and animals. I was not comfortable with drawing trees or buildings. But with the different assignments we were given it forced me to go outside my comfort zone. I learned they are a lot more time consuming and there are many different ways in which you can draw plants. It was a huge learning process for me. I first tried out different things to see if I could figure it out on my own. After I failed at that, I looked up videos on how to draw trees. I found a video that helped me learn the way I wanted my trees to look. In one of my drawings I was experimenting with a bunch of different trees just to test out different techniques and make up some of my own based on the ones I had learned. It was frustrating at times but I feel a lot more confident in my abilities now when it comes to nature. Another key piece that helped me test myself was the sketchbook. It was fun to do and I really tried to change each sketch up and focus on what I wanted to get better at. I love drawing all my own tattoos but the idea of sitting down and focusing on something that is going to be permanent on my body is a little stressful. I only allow my artwork on my body, every tattoo I do is original from the drawings to the lettering/font. Because I know I am not the best at drawing a variety of things, I worry that I will not be able to draw to the ideal look that I want for my tattoo. But since we needed to get a lot of sketches in, I was able to let go of that stress and try out new things. I was able to successfully draw my nest two tattoos as well as my dad’s next tattoo. This was my mission from the beginning of being assigned the sketchbook. I wanted to use it for a reason and not just force myself to get stuff down on a page. I definitely plan to keep admittedly using my sketchbook to continue drawing more tattoos for others and myself. I enjoyed the creative challenges I faced in this class and feel as though I have taken a lot away from what I have learned.

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