Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Thoughts on drawing - Akhil Ghanta

I enrolled in drawing without knowing what to expect. Initially, I was overwhelmed by my perfectionism, requiring that each line be perfectly straight and the proportions of my drawings be exact. As a result, my drawings ended feeling rigid and cold, lacking the realistic "feel" that I would see in professional drawings. This left me frustrated and wondering what it was that my drawings needed. Even so, I kept at it, and I noticed a steady development of my skills. Instead of outright rejecting the imperfections in my drawings, I began to embrace them and conform the image to meld with them. I stopped wasting thought at the straightness of a line and instead used the fuzzy edges my hand carved out to give my drawings emotion. Although it took me until the last drawing, I finally was able to bring out my drawing style. But of course, this is only the beginning. Now that I've found my footholds, I can really begin exploring the world of drawing. I stepped into this class apprehensive towards drawing, but I'm leaving more motivated than ever to continue expanding my drawing skills.

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