Monday, April 24, 2017

Thoughts on Drawing - Kevin Mo

I have always preferred painting to drawing because there is the added dimension of color and different brushstrokes. With different sized brushes, I can lay out a background in just a few strokes or if there is water, it is much easier emulate with brush strokes than pencil strokes. 

Alternatively, sketching does have the advantage that it is much more convenient to do at a short notice. I just need some paper, pencil, and eraser. Meanwhile, for painting, I would need all the different paint colors, all the different  brushes, canvas, and water to clean the brushes- making it a much more involved process. If given the time, I would prefer to paint a subject than to sketch a subject, but sketching a study drawing gives great insight as to how things fit together (or alternatively how they don't fit together) and provides a good framework for the final piece. Drawing is also perfect for ideas that are forming since these can and should be jotted down quickly and developed further if needed. 

When I do draw, I like to use a very similar style to the way I paint. I like to make very accentuated sketch marks to give my drawings texture much the same way I do when I paint. My favorite genre of painting is definitely impressionism which explains my style of painting and consequently my style of sketching. 

I think the biggest things I've been able to take away from this class has definitely been the discussion of negative space and the use of study drawings before working on the final piece. I have never looked at drawings in terms of negative space so that provided a new perspective for me, and as I had mentioned before about the study drawings, they provide a good means for me to familiarize myself with the subject matter. For instance, for our fictional piece, I tried to use a certain perspective of the basketball court for my study drawing that simply didn't work. I then was able to get a feel for the best way to capture everything and switched to a new perspective for the final piece.

Although not my favorite medium for visual art, I do value the importance of drawing, and it was definitely nice to spend a semester getting a lot of practice sketching and drawing.

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