Sunday, April 9, 2017

Reflections on Drawing

Katelyn Luck
Professor Fick
April 9th, 2017
Reflections from ARTSVIS 199 - Drawing: Work that inspired my own drawings
            This drawing class at Duke has been quite eye-opening for me, allowing me to explore my proclivities for the arts in an experimental way. I love the dynamism of art, the ability to pick up a journal and draw wherever you are and was very interested in exploring my artistic style in this course. I have always been particularly moved by Banksy’s work and used my sketchbook this semester as a way to explore banksy’s designs more intimately and create expressions that mimicked his work thereafter. These original reproductions and my examinations are shown below: 
Banksy's Original Piece 
Banksy's Original Piece
My Reproduction

My Reproduction
            These examinations helped me to define a new interest in negative space compositions and line drawings. Throughout the semester I attempted to develop this new stylistic feature in my drawings, which has helped me as I try to uncover my own artistic style.
            Banksy's work has also helped me develop an interest in the ways art can portray a political / social commentary. His works illustrate how hope, peace and strength move an individual and compel the world towards love. His work is incredibly striking and confers power away from and challenges authority figures. As such I started drawing political satirical cartoons. As my art portfolio progresses through my time at Duke, I hope that can similarly examine social issues and learn to insert powerful rhetoric within my work. Drawing allows one the liberty to express opinion indiscriminately and I hope I can call out contemporary social struggles in politics and other realms through my work. 

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