Thursday, December 8, 2011

To Seek Beauty

Throughout my life art has shaped my perspective and has encouraged the perception I possess of the world around me, emboldening me to look deeper into human nature and to explore life beyond appearances. Such observation reveals a unique beauty in every object of my consideration. Watching a form come to life before me by my own hand is the most transcendental experience I have ever witnessed. For this reason I especially enjoy certain forms of art in which I am able to completely immerse myself. I gravitate toward more tactile media. Sometimes while painting I find myself using my hands, arms, or any available skin as a pallet. Similarly, when working with charcoal, I relish blending tones and shaping my creation with my own fingers. Such application allows me to become more fully a part of my work.

Drawing is my way of speaking without words. I am a very emotionally centered person. I feel things deeply and at points in my life my emotions seem so overwhelming to deal with and understand. Through art I’ve discovered an avenue to release my enigmatic thoughts and feelings into a concrete form before me.

Art is the central means of expression in my life, serving as a sharp contrast and relief from the intense cerebral demands of academia. I attended a high school that did not offer the opportunity to take an art class until senior year. Therefore it was more difficult for me to find artistic outlets. Because of this I value any chance to express myself artistically all the more. This also explains why over the span of my freshman and sophomore years I was engaged in a project with the religious chaplain at my highschool. In my freshman year, he approached me and asked whether I would illustrate a children’s book that he had written about the Christmas story. I eagerly accepted and spent my free time bringing words to life in depictions of Santa Clause, little elves, and the baby Jesus. After the first book came to completion and the religious chaplain revealed his idea for a second children’s book, I once again jumped at the opportunity. These projects throughout my high school career have offered an avenue for artistic expression and have opened my eyes to the art and publishing world outside of school. In addition to these two children’s books, which are currently undergoing the publishing process, I have always sought out other art opportunity in every activity I am involved in.

Artistic expression for me is the channel through which I reach out to and connect with the world around me and conversely reach inward and discover myself. Art has played an integral role in my life, shaping the person I have become, and will follow me wherever I choose to go in life.

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