Saturday, December 3, 2011

Amazing Drawings

I used to not consider drawing as a form of visual art – actually I could not distinguish sketches/ study drawings from drawing works. Drawing seemed to be less time and effort consuming to paintings, sculptures, etc. However, having worked on several projects through the ART 100 class I realized how drawing could be an amazing artwork. In fact there are a lot of artists who create stunning works with only pencils, pens, and ink. The following is list of interesting drawing link I found and wanted to share with others:

1. Sagaki Keita (
Sagaki Keita is a Japanese artist who draws objects with thousands of whimsical characters. I like how he incorporated classic (drawing marble statues) and modern elements (character illustrations) into his work by using cheerful characters rather than lines and shadings. I took next image from his website, and it is one of his most recent works. It is titled “I wanna go to BIDAI! [Mars Broghese].” He drew this pretty big (65 x 50 cm) image with pen.

(Detail shot of the image above. Image from
2. James Jean (
James Jean is a Taiwanese-American visual artist known for fine art gallery work. He is more known as a cover artist for DC comics or for his mural design for the Prada Epicenter stores in New York. Yet he also has a lot of drawing works. I took following two images from his website. The first one, “Carrier” is drawn with ink and the latter, “Petit Courbet” with graphite. I was amazed by his unceasing creativity; his drawings are fictional and imaginative.

3. Faber Castell advertisement by Eric Yeo and Chan Hwee Chong (
The following images are incredible advertisements of Faber Castell. You have to watch the video clip! The artist uses concentric lines – how unique! – and imitates famous works like Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with Pearl Earrings”. I could not find blogs or websites of two artists. (I assume they drew these works only for the advertisement.)

These artists showed me how creative drawing can be. If Sagaki Keita and Eric Yeo/ Chan Hwee Chong used unusual technique to depict ordinary or classic materials, James Jean created mystic images with lines. Wish I could draw like one of them haha.

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