Saturday, December 10, 2011

Reflection on Drawing

When I was little, one of my favorite classes would always be art. It was a class where I could relax and draw, taking a break from my academic studies. However, in high school, as I began to take classes in art, it became something more than just a break of stress-relief/recreation; it became something I clearly took pleasure in. I first thoroughly enjoyed/appreciated drawing during my sophomore year, when my art teacher forced us to draw our sketches using pen. At first I hated it because I was so accustomed to sketching in pencil, but quickly soon after, I began to prefer sketching in pen. There was just something about it - a cleaner look - that made me favor using pen.

Since this class uses predominantly pencil and charcoal, it's been a nice refresher of techniques I've forgotten over the years and a great learning experience of things I've never received any formal training on. Within this semester, I've learned a great deal of new knowledge and my perspective on drawing has expanded.

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