Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Art and Me
For me, art is a way to relax and express myself. I enjoy making artwork on subjects that are particularly interesting to me, such as fashion, animals, and people. I have worked with everything from Prisma colors and chalk, to pencils, paint, and clay. My journey with drawing began before I can remember, and I have taken art class every year that I have been in school. I started off in regular structured art classes. Then in eight grade I had a private one on one talented art class that taught me a lot about perfecting my drawing from an image. In high school I moved into a non structured talented arts class that allowed us to do self guided projects on whatever we chose. This is when I really discovered my interest and style.

I posted my second painting, and it is my mother when she was younger. I enjoy making art that other people can enjoy and appreciate. I discovered in the last couple of years that I love painting, but drawing was the backbone of all of my work. While I enjoy doing some abstract, I mostly stick to representational. The collection of paintings to the (Kamrin) were made for a family friend’s son. Outside of class I do commissioned work for fun. I also made the green tree
from for someone.

As far as art goes, my main inspiration is fashion. I love designing and drawing clothes, shoes, and models. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I have made.


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