Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Drawing has always been a large undivulged hobby of mine my entire life. I have doodled and sketched secretly, without instruction, on notebooks, sketch paper, napkins. I have sketched more than I have watched Tv or done homework. I love drawing and always will, i hope. This class has only intensified my liking of it. The time it took to draw some of these drawing were expansive and encompassing, and thus a little exhausting, but in the end, I am grateful for the push. I would always draw when I wanted, quitting as soon as I lost interest, but now I have a greater appreciation for finishing works to a certain extent.

I have always been a visual person. In school, I would learn most form hand on activity and the conceptualization of the various diagrams that described neuronal synapses to historical trends of silver accumulation. Rather than a list of directions, I preferred a map. Naturally over writing, I always chose drawing. And even beyond this class, I plan to utilize what I know about art and my experience in it in my future plans of marketing and teaching.

The fiction drawing I enjoyed drawing the most. In addition to the challenge of capturing a particular focus and its entire environment into a large sheet of paper, I loved having that power to transform such reality into a playful fiction. It was some what exhilarating.


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