Tuesday, April 22, 2014


This course has been an awesome opportunity for me to learn about drawing and additionally learn about my own weaknesses/strengths and how to improve.  Previous to this course, my only drawing background came from doodling in notebooks and some sketchbooks with the occasional drawing for work before muscle dissections. I had never heard anything about the different ways of varying line weights or how to use charcoal or proper composition of a piece. Now I hope to carry this knowledge forward and continue practicing in my sketchbooks and transition from mindless doodles to pieces that actually resemble my intended drawing.

Additionally, I've always been extremely afraid to draw large pieces. I didn't want to waste materials, or look like a fool for not using them properly. Through this course I now have the materials I need and an understanding that I can do something with them. I look forward to continuing to draw things that I love to look at.

Though this course ended up being a much more significant time investment than I had expected, I enjoyed all of the time spent and really believe that I gained a lot. I will definitely recommend it to my peers, though I will recommend against taking it with Physics.

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