Monday, April 21, 2014

Art 199 Final Reflection

Before taking this class, the extent of my artwork was crafting or doodling every so often. I have always admired artists and wanted to be able to copy their work, but never really tried to draw or keep a sketchbook. Now I've realized that drawing is a very time consuming, though enjoyable, activity. It is difficult to force creativity or inspiration when you're not in the mood to draw.

I have learned that drawing involves opening your perspective, and seeing not only what you perceive to be there, but what is actually there. This class has been great for trying to challenge my artistic skills and learn how to give a picture a dynamic sense and a storyline.

One of my favorite techniques that I learned during this class was shading with charcoal. My drawings in the past all involved rough sketched outlines of things, and I only ever used pencil. Charcoal was a completely new media and I was unsure at first. However, I learned that shading boldly and working with the pigment on the paper lead to really textured and more realistic drawings.

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