Sunday, April 20, 2014

Drawing 199

I really enjoyed reconnecting to my creative side this spring; two of the classes I took involved lots of drawing and lots of creative writing, making for a productive and enjoyable semester.  Professor Fick's Drawing 199 class had me drawing for the first time in several years.

Like most kids, I used to enjoy drawing a lot-- art class was my favorite subject in elementary school.  Before that, I can remember drawing sketches and in coloring books in my free time as a toddler.  But as the years went by and work became more and more theoretical, analytically focused, and - frankly, unimaginative - I forgot all about cultivating my inner artist.  So I really appreciated the opportunity to do so this spring.  I think it is great and necessary that classes like these are offered at Duke, and I hope many more continue to be offered in the future.  Everyone has an inner artist and classes such as drawing, music, writing, etc... all cultivate this.

Here are some of my favorite sketches and drawings I did over the course of the term--

2/8/14 Sketch of watercolor painting of Austrian
Alps on my desk

Mid-Semester Sketch of the Duke Campus Farm

  End of the Semester Drawing from Photographs-- "Into the Mountains"

My drawings definitely improved over the course of the term, and I was able to develop my own style, often involving a scenic natural background, and mixing detail with dream-like qualities to produce what I think turned out to be some cool-looking drawings.  Thanks for a great term!

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