Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm really glad that I got to take this class and developed my drawing skills. As a fashion enthusiast, I've always found that drawing was a necessary skill that I had to learn in order to make mood boards, designs, styling and possibly go on to fashion school at some point. I've always been able to visualize my designs and styling, however, struggled with putting them on paper. This probably comes from the fact that I've never taken a drawing class. To be honest, I took this class hoping I could learn some drawing skills that I could apply to styling and fashion design, but was quite sad when I found the first assignments to be a lot different than I expected. I really struggled because I did not know how to shade or even add depth at all. Towards the end of the class, while working on these last drawings I noticed how much my drawing had improved and how much I had learned in the class and realized that all of these techniques that we learned, one by one, really improved my drawing skills as the weeks progressed, and that these are the foundations of drawing.

I really liked the last two drawings because I love being creative, and was able to do what I like which is style and really creating an image. I was really inspired and spent hours flipping through magazines, styling and picturing the image - where each model should be, what type of background to look for, ... I really wish we had gotten more of these types of assignments. I was really inspired by both of these drawings, but what I loved most about it was finally being able to put my ideas down on paper. So, thank you professor Fick for making me be able to do that.

Hopefully, if my academics permit I will be able to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp which is why I've been working so hard. There, I will be able to take more drawing classes which will be geared specifically to styling and fashion design, and I will be able to develop my skills further.

All in all, I really enjoyed this class and am really happy I was able to learn so much from it.
Thanks gain and have a great summer professor Fick!

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