Monday, December 3, 2012

thoughts on Drawing 101

Through this course, i was able to go back and review my basic drawing skills and my techniques. Although I wish we had more assignments like the last two projects that let us explore our specific interest, overall, the course provided a good chance for me to reconnect with my drawing side.

Drawing has always been one of my favorite genre in Visual arts. When drawing on paper, you can get one of the most delicate details and various textures by slightly changing the pressure one your wrist or your fingers. Another reason why I always loved drawing classes is because taking a drawing course not only allows you to improve in drawing with graphite or charcoal pencils, but also in all other media of visual arts. Currently, I am hoping that the works I did in this class will help me next semester in printmaking.

One of the things I newly explored in this course is drawing scenery. Previously, the main focus of all my art work were figure drawings or still life drawings. I did not attempt to incorporate any foreground, mid-ground, and background because I convinced myself at a young age that I was not good at drawing sceneries. However, this class helped me take down the fear of taking a step into the unfamiliar, and currently I am pretty satisfied with the result. I think incorporating for-ground mid-ground, background into my future drawing will help expand my art work.

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