Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thoughts on Drawing

I have always loved drawing. As a child, I always remember spending my time with my coloring book. Wherever I would go, I would take my coloring book with me. During school, drawing was my one cure for boredom. Ranging from doodles to caricatures of my teachers, drawing was one of the best ways to spend my time. 

After coming to Duke, I struggled to find time to draw, or do any art at all, but this class forced me to draw and find time in my day to sit down and simply become absorbed in the activity. Although the assignments were not something I would chose to draw, or would typically draw, it still made me practice drawing, which always gives me a sense of calmness. I particularly liked the sketchbook, which gave us full freedom to do whatever we wanted. I am mostly interested in illustration and less realistic ways of drawing, so the sketchbook was a good break from working from observation and let me really become creative. 

One of the highlights of this class was the visit by Maira Kalman, who illustrated the cover of The New Yorker for the March 23rdmagazine. Her way of talking about her work as well as her approach to drawing really inspired me and gave me ideas for what I could do in the future. Overall, I enjoyed the class, was able to practice my drawing skills and ultimately made me feel more fulfilled with my experience at Duke. 

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