Monday, April 23, 2018

Thoughts on Drawing- Angel Mcharo

Once upon a time, long ago when Ruwa (Godmother) dwelled on earth, there was a little boy who lived alone in the forest. The little boy had a very beautiful bird named Tausi. Tausi had the sweetest voice on earth.The little boy loved Tausi more than he loved himself. He would often tell his friends Zebra and cheetah that the name "Tausi" means bird of peace.

Unfortunately, the little boy's peace was taken away from him by an ugly monster who lived in a cave far far away. He came shrouded in the dark night and stole Tausi from her cage. The little boy was distraught. He sought the help of his friends. Zebra gave him his stripes to use as scaling rope to the monster's cave. Cheetah gave him five spots from his back, to use as stepping stones whenever he needed to cross a river.  He traveled for many days and nights but the monster's cave was far away. Every time he lost direction, the little boy would sit down and place his ear to the ground. He would then hear Tausi's song whispered to him and he would follow the songs direction.  No one knows if he ever reached the cave but as long as he could hear Tausi's song, he had a direction and the strength to keep following.

I told this folktale narrated to me by my grandmother because it represents really well what I think of drawing. I remember my very first watercolor set with six colors, then my first set of twelve colored pencils, then my first set of Disney princesses coloring books. Drawing has pretty much been a constant thing in my life. An activity I revert to when I need to feel calm and grounded.
This class has been different in a good way. Though lacking the colourful playfulness of all my childhood sketchbooks, it compensates well with the versatility of graphite and charcoal. Even though I have progressed slowly during the course, every time I open my sketchbook to draw after a long day feels like pressing my ear to the ground. When I put my pencil down, refreshed, I feel like I have been whispered to that sweet song which keeps me going. After such an intense semester, I am glad I stumbled upon this refreshing class.

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