Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thoughts on Drawing - Lily Nabet

            When I began selecting classes for my freshman spring, I had never planned on taking a drawing class let alone any art class. At a young age, I began showing interest in art whether it was through photography, drawing, painting, or even making portfolios. I loved the idea of expressing color in art because I truly believed it set the tone for any piece. In 4th grade, I joined an art class outside of school and painted vibrant images of everything I loved; food, animals, sports, and places. I didn’t enjoy art because I was good at it, in fact I wouldn’t even consider myself proficient in drawing, I enjoyed it because it was a way to clear my mind. Back home I would regularly visit different museums around Los Angeles. One of my favorites is LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
            When talking more specifically about drawing, this course has open my eyes to different perspectives that I had never thought about. Prior to taking this class, I was more than excited to get started. I would always find myself drawing in a variety of different places; classrooms, at home, in restaurants, etc. The act of drawing is so beautiful to me because it can be done anywhere and all you essentially need is a platform and color. Drawing has always been a passion of mine, although I found this course very difficult. I found it very challenging to draw buildings, landscapes, and objects. When it came to line work, I spent so much time trying to make lines straight, proportional, and realistic. In addition, shading was a difficult concept to get down and even though we had a few assignments that incorporated shading, I only began to get more frustrated with it as time went on. Most of the time I would start drawing and feel confident and comfortable with my subjects but unfortunately the outcome was never what I wanted.

            I think this class was very frustrating for me because I was constantly comparing my skill with those around me. Some of my classmates would produce drawings that amazed me. As time went on I began to feel more and more embarrassed with myself because I felt as though I wasn’t getting any better. Personally, I think the class moved very fast, especially for someone who hadn’t taken an art class since 4th grade. The assignments took me almost a whole day to finish because I tried to produce the best art I was capable of. My favorite part of the class was the sketchbook. I had no restrictions and no primary audience. I produced sketches of my thoughts, my surrounding, and my interests. Ultimately, this course was a great learning experience for me and allowed me to learn about the different perspectives of drawing.  

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