Monday, April 23, 2018

Thoughts on drawing: Allie Charlton

            Having never drawn before (besides the occasional doodle in my notes) this class was a very interesting experience. I loved the constant pull from my creative side yet I also dreaded to engage with it sometimes. I discovered that setting aside a Sunday afternoon or Thursday morning to drink coffee and draw was the very medicine which often calmed my soul. I loved listening to a podcast or music while also giving 100% of my mental energy into my drawings. While constant drawing brought me some comfort, it also was fairly exhausting to draw when I did not feel inspired to. I found that some of my drawings in my portfolio were more completed out of necessity and convenience rather than creative inspiration.

            This class has taught me the importance of always drawing even when at a creative block but also being ok with taking a break when I need it. I want to continue looking for things to inspire me in my daily life so I do not feel compelled to draw things that do not speak to me.
            After this class, I plan to continue with my sketchbook in order to compile my many inspirations throughout my day. I think I will move to a smaller notepad, however, because the one I was using was too bulky to carry with me constantly. Additionally, I would like to form a routine of drawing in the mornings while I wake up. This could be a very soothing habit to get into.

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